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In a world of online software tools, wouldn't it be nice if they could all work together in the palm of your hands?

When you leverage out of the box software tools through integration, you end up with a custom solution tailored to your business

Navigating the world of applications can be daunting. If you find that you're having to enter any data more than once, it's a good indication that you may benefit from data integration and automation services from InfraReach.

If you have specific custom application needs, we can build the integration between tools that will get you to your goal. Our data visualization capabilities help you bring powerful dashboards to your team or your customers, allowing you to make quicker decisions and stand out from your competition.


Service Offering



APIs (Application Programming Interface) allows you to transfer data back and forth between separate tools to power up your data capabilities. Do you have two applications that need to seamlessly talk to each other? A webhook allows event driven commands between your applications.



If you have dissimilar data from various legacy sources that you need to integrate into a new software tool, we can handle that data migration for you. If you're looking to migrate over to a new software all together, we work on your behalf with your software vendors to accurately move that data over and create audit controls so that you don't have any data loss.



Data is just data until it's meaningful information. Dashboards are a great way to visualize complex data sets for your or your customers. Our skills related to this include building web based dynamic drill down dashboards, automated updates and email/SMS notifications and more. Contact Us to talk about your specific requirements.

Software Integration Tools

Below is just a small list of the software tools that we work with to perform data integration, cleansing, programming and analytics services. If you don't see your software listed, Contact Us to see if we can work with it!


Microsoft Excel / VBA

Turn your static spreadsheets into dynamic, powerful analytical beasts!


Tableau Dashboards

Want an incredible web based dashboard system for you or your clients? Look no further than Tableau for this requirement.


Salesforce CRM

Want to power up your Salesforce CRM tool or clean up old customer data? We can help!


MySQL Database Design

Harness the power of SQL interfaces and create real time updated data that plays friendly with almost any software


GIS Integrations

Most companies are seeing the value in mapping platforms. Talk to us about integrating your software data into interactive mapping platforms.

monday.png Project Mgmt

One of our favorite tools - is a powerful project management tool loaded with integration features.



Integrate the capabilities of a SQL database with geospatial elements to store your data and communicate with your other GIS based tools


Digital Ocean Virtual Servers

Keeping a tower server creates a big risk for your small business. Learn about the benefit of hosting your server in the cloud.


Marketing Platform

SEO and Marketing Analytics is one of the most important things you can do with your advertising dollars. Learn how we can use data to make better marketing decisions for you.


Want to learn more?

Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about our Data Analysis and Integration services.

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